World Bridger Media: Sustainable Media
Teaching and Youth Media Project Collaborations

Forget the purple pill, make media.

Teaching Philosophy:

We live in an unprecedented environment of media saturation and corporate consolidation. For the average person, information is being disseminated from narrower channels and fewer sources (despite the appearance of more options). The net result is that when growing up in a hegemonic commercial environment we are consistently told that we are not who we should be. Consequently, a general sense of alienation, anxiety and aimlessness permeates the society at large. And even more tragically, often when educated about such matters, we feel even more disempowered because we are not given options for creative resistance.

The flip side is access to cheap, powerful media creation tools and global communication exemplified by the Internet. In an environment that is increasingly mediated by mega-corporations, an excellent remedy and education tool is to teach individuals how to design and produce their own media. The underlying ethic comes from youth subcultures (hip hop and punk), which is to "become the media" and "do-it-yourself" (DIY). The end result is a sense of empowerment that combats low self-esteem, estrangement and isolation.

In the process of working with youth, it is important to see the process as collaboration. Adults provide the experience and technical knowledge, but students are best at designing materials, especially when creating media projects targeted to their peers. It is also vital to collaborate with the host organization to ensure that the project's goals fulfill intended philosophical and infrastructure needs. Projects should have a long-term impact beyond the time of the actual services are performed. Finally, whenever possible, it's helpful to bring organizations together to supplement institutional needs.


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